Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Day 520 AB's blog - Nai subah ke naye ujaale

Yes Brother! Yes! we all dwell most of our lives in seeking and nodding our approval and our cnsent॥

The Most Respected brother

Sadar Chaan Sparsh
I seek approval of my acts here.. that it does not really disturb the peace of your mind.. that we (it is not I) seek and try to know each other, we share our feelings with each other.. we sing and pray for others.. we exhibit our love for the ones who are really lovable..
I can see your head nodding in the affirmative.. how could you deny being the head of this FmXt from each one of us indulging in sustaining our thoughts.. I know you are not that kind of a person who would say even if someday someone of us unknowingly or unitentionaly breaches the unwritten code of conduct here on the blog.. I promise.. I promise unto thee brother that I shall never ever indulge in any act that should ever give you the slightest headache..
We are proud of our association with you here and shall remian proud of these happy moments that we have been blessed with to live each day in your august company.. it is a matter of great joy and a sense of belonging over here gives a great releif..that it has been inculcated into us by you with your soothing words and constant encouragement for over a year now.. over 500 odd days.. I do not know of others.. but I consider myself truly a blessed child of the universe by simply knowing that I contribute here and have an audience in the one of the greatest man of our times.. that is you brother..
Yesterday.. I ventured into Bangla for the first time.. it was bit difficult for me to read all of it.. the Ekla chalo re that I copied pasted from Wikipedia.. it is all right I have never claimed my proficiency in that language.. only at an earlier date I was more or rather slightly better than my present levels.. the font size also mattered.. it does not make a difference to me..
Sharmila.. I knew somewhere in my mind that though you do sound in your name to be a bong.. it does not matter.. we are all the Indians first.. well said.. and I love your words.. your reciprocation.. I got the approval I had sought..
AtoZ, brother, what exactly is wrong with your health.. I d remember sometimes you mentioned of Alzhimiers disease.. Is that right.. I hope I am wrong.. I wish I read that in sme other context. whatever.. it should not deter you in anyway.. we are with you in any case.. always wishing that you have good health..
Bhaai.. ab izazat chahunga.. par aapko tatha sabhi logon ko is nai subah ke liye hardik shubhkamnayen..

नई सुबह के नये उजाले

नई सुबह के हम नये है उजाले
हमें रोक सकते नही अब अंधेरे
दुश्मनी क्या करोगे क्या चलाओगे खंजर
दुश्मनी दोस्ती में बदल जाओगे

न खंजर उठेंगे न बादल घिरेंगे
है उजालॊं की दुनिया उजाले मिलेंगे
नई दुनिया की रोशनी है निराली
नये फूल उपवन में हर दिन खिलेंगे
इतिहास जग का दुबारा लिखेंगे
अमृत पियेंगे अभय हम बनेंगे
अमन चैन दुनिया में कायम करेंगे
धरती के हम सब दुलारे बनेंगे
नई सुबह के हम नये है उजाले
हमें रोक सकते नही अब अंधेरे !
- अभय शर्मा
In essence.. we are the bright lights of the new dawn.. dark hours can not come in our way anyway.. how would you show enemity with the dagger in hands. the wrath shall soon turn into friendliness around.. the glory of the new dawn is such that flowers shall bloom everywhere around us.. we would rewrite history afresh.. having gulped the elixir of life we would not fear anymore..The peace shall get its chance.. the earth shall love us as its most beautiful kids..we are the bright lights of the new dawn.. dark hours can not come in our way anyway..
Love Affection and PyaarAbhaya Sharma September 24 2009
PS Old habits die hard.. bhaai bina gana sunaye to mai yah patrachar band nahi kar sakta.. aap sab ke liye Kishore da ka ek chhota sa geet pesh kar raha hoon sunkar batana kaisa laga aap logon ko..
सवेरे का सूरज तुम्हारे लिये है

ये बुझते दिये को ना तुम याद करना ..

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